Martin et Karczinski recognises corporate identity as a management tool for the entire organisation and contributes measurably to its clients‘ success with strategic consultancy and design. The Munich-based agency is listed 5th in the Horizont CI/CD ranking.

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Relevance arises when the potential of a brand is developed into its unique strengths: Martin et Karczinski offers consulting services for enterprises ranging from the basic brand positioning to the concrete realization of brand experiences – for growth and sustainability.


Trust emerges, when the valuable inside becomes visible on the outside: Martin et Karczinski visualizes the soul of a brand through excellent design and enables its clients to be the brightest star in their sector – because bright stars shine the furthest.

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Digitalisation, globalisation, sustainability: we are experiencing an increasingly dynamic shift that is demanding new ways of thinking and working. Traditional strategy and management systems alone are no longer enough to tackle what is happening in society, the environment and markets today. We need to make a conscious break from the familiar, and adopt different perspectives to create something new.


We are initiators, shapers and supporters of organisational change processes. We promise a new category of consultancy. Consultancy beyond. The whole approach is perceptively and analytically pervasive. It creatively and courageously involves clients in the development. Its implementation has lasting effects. It is excellent in design. At the heart of this process is the corporate identity.
We help organisations to translate their strategies into structures, systems, initiatives and individual measures. We trigger change, see it through, ensure it is understood and that people truly experience it. Which is why our focus is on ‘Be.yond’. An approach that consciously breaks away from established roles, methods, task definitions and target-setting. An approach that helps our customers to take the next step and reinvent themselves: fast, fundamentally, future-focused.

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