Martin et Karczinski has been working with Parador, the leading floor design company, for five years. Marketing Manager Birgit Kunth talks about the partnership.

Birgit Kunth, Marketing Manager, Parador
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Birgit Kunth studied at the Berlin School of Economics and Law before becoming digital marketing consultant at Parador. Today, she manages the marketing and communication for the company, which is part of the Hüls Group.

You are working with great drive on Parador’s brand image. What surprised you about Martin et Karczinski from the outset?

As ever in life, the first moment was decisive. Actually, we had initial contact twice: once in the workshop, then during the ongoing work where I had to make sure: do they have enough strategic knowledge, do they have the expertise for the agency to develop a consistent CI for our company. I was positively surprised by their clarity and the consistency of their focused support as we took the right steps.

What would you advise anyone else who is at the beginning of a CI/CD process?

At the start, you should give yourself some free space to let go of old images and cherished ideas. Then, however complex things seem, you have to make them as simple as possible – but no simpler. In our company, Brand Management, Controlling and HR Management come together. You constantly have to trust reason and emotion. Creating a Corporate Identity is also a long-term process. On the one hand, you need to know where you want to get to and at the same time have the great flexibility to constantly review or further shape your objectives and how to achieve them.

Is it a big challenge to include all the divisions of a company like Parador in the brand building process?

Yes – even though the feedback on Martin et Karczinski’s work was all positive. To start the process as confidently and successfully as possible, we organised the CI process within the company as part of the overall strategy. It was important to us to win over all our employees as true ›people of conviction‹ in terms of branding - brand ambassadors who believe that you can create a brand with a two-dimensional product, a flat product and one that is on the floor to boot.

Where do you see Parador in the future?

There are two dimensions that define our future: on the one hand, there are the products themselves – and on the other, there is the content that is assigned to the products. The fact that we help to make every home the most beautiful home in the world is a concept that is fed from many facettes and is expressed in our magazine, BODEN, and one which I continue to find inspirational. On the other hand, we are increasingly thinking digital. We demonstrate digital strength and presence within our omni-channel strategy – and are thus supporting both our customers and our commercial partners with expertise and services. Finally, sustainability is an important subject which we have addressed under the heading ›Eco Balance‹ and which led to the collaboration with the environmental initiative ›Plant-for-the-Planet‹ which will continue in the future.

Has working with Martin et Karczinski changed anything in your own day-to-day life?

What has changed is that today, there is an understanding within the company of the brand as a valuable asset and value creation factor – and that we will continue to work on this with a ›sense of togetherness‹. This togetherness is also seen in the work we do with the agency. The partnership is always very enjoyable because of the quality that results from it. The reciprocal act of leading and being led is also highly successful. In addition, fantastically good design comes out of Munich; the expectations on the agency side are just as high as the expectations on my side.