60 seconds be.yond

People spend a large part of their lives at work. So it makes perfect sense to take a closer look at what that time is spent with. 60 seconds be.yond gives you a glimpse behind the scenes at the agency so you can see what drives people, what occupies them - and what connects them to Martin et Karczinski. You can also apply for a job: we are looking for people who make brands brilliant.

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Jana Durchleuchter on conceptual depth and developing ideas.
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Jana Durchleuchter on consistency, boldness and affairs of the heart.
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Florian Fick on curiosity and the desire for sustainability.
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Florian Fick on leaving traces and questioning the obvious.
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Daniel Karczinski on simplicity and authenticity in communication with the client.
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Daniel Karczinski on freedom and space to breathe.
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Sebastian Becker on timeless design, that also follows him in his private life.
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Sebastian Becker on the fact that nothing is not designed.
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