Inoutic is a leading manufacturer of window and door profiles in Europe – and connects interior and exterior living spaces like no other brand. General Manager Stephan Coester talks here about Martin et Karczinski’s strengths, and how the agency is increasing the pressure for brands to change. 

Stephan Coester, General Manager, Inoutic
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Stephan Coester looks back on more than 20 years’ experience as a leader and CEO in medium-sized companies and corporate groups. As a sales and marketing-oriented manager, Coester delivers growth and clear strategic directions.

Can you remember what it was like when you first became familiar with Martin et Karczinski? What did you notice in particular?

»During the very first meeting, I just had a very definite feeling that the agency really was interested in the assignment and in the company. And that they approached the task in more depth and in a more differentiated way. The first impression was very good; I also always got the feeling that they asked about things in a critical and reflective way. Compared with other agencies, Martin et Karczinski is always very genuine – I see that as an important basis for our partnership.«

What is Martin et Karczinski’s particular strength?

»Their integrated thinking. The agency doesn’t just think about the design. There is no area that the agency isn’t involved in. The introduction via the workshop was equally impressive. All the top agencies are professionally organised. But you only get to see what’s exceptional about the identity and brand when you get to meet each other in a workshop. Anyway, the whole business of pitching is outdated in my view. On the one hand, it’s not fair, and on the other, it doesn’t advance brands and companies.«

Why would you recommend the agency to a good business friend?

»Because the results are outstanding. With this development, we have truly set the course for the brand and the company.«

Which clients in particular could benefit from a partnership with Martin et Karczinski?

»Only clients who are prepared to face the pressure to change – and truly take a step forward. These clients will find that the agency is the ideal sparring partner to help them further develop conceptually and strategically. Companies that really want to change will benefit.«