Outstanding design is the expression of a well-founded brand strategy. It changes the perception of a brand and makes the corporate and product message tangible.

Corporate Design
Every organisation has a soul that needs to be understood. Martin et Karczinski translates corporate identity into an authentic corporate design. Integrated design helps to make the core of a brand visible to the outside world.
Print Media
To appeal to discerning target audiences, premium brands need tried and tested print tools. The interplay between information and touch, brand message and emotion, makes print media a media experience.
Digital Communication
The digital transformation is heralding new business models, products and communications media. In the age of Marketing 4.0, Martin et Karczinski is developing innovative media with excellent usability. And design that’s setting benchmarks.
Motion Design
Audiovisual content turns brand presence into an emotional experience. Martin et Karczinski designs discerning moving images in harmony with the most important brand messages.
Three-Dimensional Branding
The interplay of story, brand and space makes key messages tangible. Martin et Karczinski develops three-dimensional spatial concepts based on a brand’s strategic direction. The result: award-winning exhibition stands and point-of-sale solutions.
Annual reports
Corporate Reporting requirements have increased. Martin et Karczinski is responding with stakeholder-focused Integrated Reporting – requiring a deep understanding of the brand.
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