Branding is about character. Martin et Karczinski works with the client to develop strategies with a strong identity that build on the company’s self-image.

Our strategic services
Insights as the basis of the positioning

In the context of qualitative research, Martin et Karczinski polls content to provide brand direction. Within this, likes and dislikes, the competitive situation and opportunities for differentiation are just as important as presentations on the company’s own image of itself; where necessary, focus groups and quantitative online surveys complete the analysis.

Brand Architecture
Structuring the portfolio in line with the market

Martin et Karczinski works with the management to design the structure of the brand portfolio, allowing the company to react flexibly and appropriately to changing markets and target audiences. This results in a coherent brand architecture, which creates systematic relations between the historical brand energy and current design intentions. By creating umbrella and sub-brands, spill-over effects are achieved that can be validated – the brands achieve their maximum competitive effect.

Brand advantage through differentiation

Positioning defines a company’s market presence and, through long-term differentiation from the completion, provides the direction for successful branding. However relevant content must first be defined, and a credible brand core developed. Martin et Karczinski advises and accompanies customers through this process, which generally takes place in workshops. Following this, an overriding idea serves as a communication hook that enables the content to be experienced and conveys it – for example to digital media.

Corporate Values
Distilling the feel of the organisation

Corporate values define the identity of an organisation. They provide direction and act as pointers and guidelines in every area. Values can serve as the basis for strategic decisions and as a benchmark for quality management. Following the concept of the Brand Identity, corporate values are identical to the brand values. Martin et Karczinski supports corporate management in the development of a values matrix and advises on their implementation.

Brand Content
Expertise, tone of voice and benefits as the basis of the brand strategy

To determine a brand’s identity, Martin et Karczinski works with the customer to develop the brand content. The brand’s DNA, such as the ›brand benefit‹ or the ›brand tonality‹, is determined holistically across the most varied of dimensions. Martin et Karczinski applies well proven workshop tools when advising on strategic brand management –  all are simply structured, but in the follow-up prove to be highly effective in practice.

Directing the organisation to a shared vision

A clear objective excites people, turns ideas into reality and is a key contributor to an organisation’s success. A vision guides people and answers the question of meaning. Martin et Karczinski supports senior management in a moderated process and helps to formulate the company’s ›Big Picture‹ – and subsequently put it into concrete terms.

Guiding Principle
Guide to achieving the vision

While a vision provides information about a company’s future potential, the mission statement comprises concrete instructions for implementing and achieving common objectives. On the basis of the corporate values, the dimensions of culture, management and customers are integrated into the mission statement. Everyday management challenges are discussed in workshops, from which guiding principles can then be formulated.

Target audience-focused naming at company or product level

Brand names are a signal that give customers direction when choosing a product or service – and differentiate the brand in the plethora of similar offerings. Martin et Karczinski develops names and naming systems, and then works with well-known market research agencies and patent lawyers to test positive associations, unmistakeable resonance, whether copyright should apply and uniqueness in the markets.

Make brand content memorable in a few words

Together with names, a claim can express the fundamental direction a company is taking and the unique character of a brand. A good claim concisely communicates the core competence, the customer need and what can meet it. Based on thorough prior research in the competitive arena, Martin et Karczinski develops claims and taglines with a strong character in the context of strategic market requirements, and ensured products and services are coveted.

Internal Branding
Identification as a key factor in brand implementation

Identification is key to the success of a brand. When a brand creates that momentum of engagement and is perceived by internal stakeholders to be genuine and credible, loyalty and motivation increase. Martin et Karczinski conceives and accompanies change processes during the introduction of new brand concepts and raises awareness of and handles the organisation and processes for a collaborative brand launch.

Educational Branding
Uniqueness through storytelling

When a brand successfully manages to create added value through interesting stories and by making a relevant contribution to certain aspects of its target audience, it gains depth and becomes coveted. The brand’s credibility increases if the stories speak for themselves in terms of their high quality and authenticity, and don’t immediately try to tell something. So positive journalistic stories and information about the benefits can cast a stain on the brand as the story-teller – and online and offline can be used in different guises.

C-Level Consultancy
Development and implementation of personal and professional aims

Anyone who manages a business understands the challenges of complex decisions and increasing expectations. Change processes rather challenge the role of the designer.  Critical, but at the same constructive stimuli reveal potential, and pave the way for excellence in corporate management. Martin et Karczinski supports and advises CEOs and management directors as equals in implementing processes and lending the company visionary power.

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